by Luke Graham

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a couple pretty self-deprecating songs


released December 21, 2016

written, performed, recorded and produced by Luke




Luke Graham Rhode Island

Hi I'm Luke Graham. Here are some sounds

rave reviews:

"melancholisch, atmosphärischen"
-Breitband German Radio

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Track Name: Down
she’s got blood on her face
she’d go and do it anyway
she said “you gotta go”
we both stood in the rain, and crying looking at my face,
she said “you’ve got it going on”
but I never had it going on
and i don’t know what you’re on

I won’t hesitate to let you down as much as I’d like you around
I will complicate this is not plain to me so I’m what gets you down

i never said anything about letting go
you never said anything about needing a poet
i need you to kinda despise me
information aggregation just like me

you've got a problem that you won't solve
going on about something in your friends hall... and on and on

i can never get away from this
but you can get away from me

i won't let you get dragged down with me
Track Name: Silver
no one can say I did just what I wanted and left us both brokenhearted
it's not like you were in it play a crucial part and by the end I told myself we were worse off than we started

you don't believe me and neither do i

you don't stay within the time allotted and say we just got started
it's been a while since i've changed the way i operate but this feels like i'm bending over backwards just to make you stay

you don't trust me and neither do i

i would never guess that you would say anything other than you're over it
i guess i'm not yours

you don't love and neither do i